Newborn Core Class #4: You’re a Mom Now; Embracing Your New You


Becoming a parent is one of the biggest changes one will go through in life. Especially becoming a mother.

This class explores the importance of taking care of yourself (mom AND dad) and it outlines simple steps you can take to ensure your mental, physical, and emotional health.

It’s ALL about the PREP!


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During class we will discuss how a new baby may change relationship dynamics, and how to cope with these new changes in a loving and effective manner.

Many times, grandparents will play a central role in your new baby’s life, even if their decades-old parenting style doesn’t match with how you plan to raise your baby. We will discuss how to develop a partnership and establish boundaries so everyone can be happy.

Finally, the class will look at your new post-baby body, how to embrace it, and changes you can and should expect moving forward.

Class topics include:

  • Self care: meeting your emotional, physical, and mental health needs
  • Learning to set goals
  • Your changing relationship with your partner
  • Establishing yourself as a new parent: your new relationship with the grandparents
  • Your new post-pregnancy body


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