Newborn Core Class #2: The 4th Trimester


Being born is a huge TRANSITION for human mammals. As a parent, YOUR job is to help ease their passage into babyhood and beyond.

In this class we’ll discuss the concept of the 4th trimester and come up with concrete ways to help soothe a fussy baby who is trying to make his or her way in this new world. We will discuss safe babywearing practices and why for many people, babywearing is a lifesaver.

Finally, we will look at the importance of bonding with your little one and fun ways that both you and your partner can bond with your baby, even in the early days.


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Class topics include:

  • The 4th Trimester

  • Inside the Womb vs. the Outside World

  • Newborn Mammals

  • Soothing Methods

  • The DFG Checklist

  • Witching Hour

  • Babywearing Safety Tips (KISS checklist)

  • Bonding


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