Stephanie Sondermann Luther

Stephanie Sondermann Luther

Owner of The Bump and Beyond


Yes, I have three boys and yes I own my own business, and yes I'm a birth & post partum doula, a nurse, a breastfeeding pear counselor, certified lactation counselor, a childbirth educator, fertility specialist, newborn care specialist....and YES soon to be a midwifery student. I have never been idle. I have had a path of no other and I love it. I love babies, I love birth, and I love helping bringing babies into being. My passion is to assist families during their transition to become parents. These days we need to play nice when we want an natural birth. We need to understand the reason behind the fear of birth and I can help do just that. As a nurse I understand how things can change but at the same time I can advocate and help to explain so you can feel in control. I can play the game, talk the talk and be present so you can focus on birthing the way you want. This is real and raw and your greatest accomplishment. You need to be supported and you need to feel in control.

I consider it a privilege to assist families on their road to parenthood. Whether we meet at the beginning, the middle, or even at the end, my goal is to provide the support that each family needs on their birthing journey.

I trust the body’s design and its ability to birth without intervention, and truly believe in every woman’s capacity and right to do so. However, I also believe in the importance of informed decision-making and strive to put my clients in touch with evidence-based information to help them prepare for the birth that feels right for them.

If a couple is well-supported, included, and respected along the way, they will have a birth experience they will treasure and a postpartum period that will establish them as confident parents. 

I feel birth is a combination of balance and education.

Balance- because pregnancy and birth are times of constant flux - you must tend to your well being on all levels.

Intuition- your inner voice - you can trust it!

Education - if you don't know what your choices are, you don't have any.